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MCKENZIES Buckwheat Flour 300gr / Tepung Buckwheat

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McKenzie’s Buckwheat Flour is a delicious and healthy alternative to wheat flour. This hearty flour adds a healthy twist and rich, toasted flavours to your baking. It boosts your protein and fibre intake too.

Good source of fibre
Source of protein
Hot Tips
Usage Ideas: Pancakes, Biscuits, Scones, Breads, Muffins
Get the best results from your buckwheat flour:
> Buckwheat flour, although versatile, is not a direct substitute for wheat flour, so only use in tried and tested recipes.
> Start by substituting 25% of plain flour in your baking with buckwheat flour and increase as needed.
> Be careful not to over mix your batters and doughs as this may lead to a rubbery texture.
100% Buckwheat

Nutritional Information
Servings Per Package: 6

Serving Size: 50g

Additional information
Weight 400 g
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